Why iPOS

Work More Efficiently
Point of Sale makes the things you do every day, from ringing sales to bookkeeping, fast and easy.
Easy-to-use sales screens ensure you and your employees can ring sales quickly and keep lines moving. Use a barcode scanner to ring sales even faster and reduce errors.
Track employee hours, sales commissions, work orders and sales orders - features only available in Professional version.
Make Sure you’ll Get Continued Support after Your Purchase
Some companies will sell their products to you and either not offers technical support of any kind, or do not properly respond to your complaints. The simple truth is that you'll likely have questions as time goes on and you begin to use more features and would like to better customize it for your company's needs.
Therefore, make sure you're buying it from a company that will help you even after you've bought their product.
iPOS is one of the largest POS providers in Pakistan due to their after sales satisfied customers and the customize able strong product.
Advanced Tools in Pro and Multi-Store
Point of Sale Pro and Multi-Store contain additional tools not found in Basic version to help you manage more aspects of your store.
Create custom price tags, receipts, and more, without starting from scratch.
Use Pricing Manager to instantly adjust prices and discounts across products and departments.
Manage information for multi stores from one location with Point of Sale Multi-Store (Optional) and know at a glance how each store — as well as your company as a whole — is doing.
Get the Hardware You Need for a Complete System
With Point of Sale, you can choose from a complete solution with hardware and PC or build your own custom solution with hardware that is guaranteed to work seamlessly with our software.
Get Started in a Flash
Point of Sale retail inventory software is designed to be easy to set up so most retailers can start using the software the same day.