Bakery Manufacturing Process

There are different manufacturing departments can be in one bakery i.e. bread, snacks, cake, biscuits and juice corners etc. In bakery raw material comes in the bulk store / ware house. Every day each department has been handed over their manufacturing plan, we can say that each department knows what they are going to produce during the day. This plan can be changed according to requirement or occasions.
At the start of the day each department will enter its production plan in the warehouse computer. This plan will combine all the ingredients at one location individually. And produce a list with finished goods that are planned to be produced and the ingredients which are required to produce the “Production Plan” Items.
Each department will get raw material from the bulk store and will start its production. Now this each department will input its production in the computer batch by batch or combined at the end of the day.
This activity will give two major benefits firstly it will make us possible to compare the production plan and the production and get the discrepancy report. This discrepancy report will give us the list of remaining raw material in each department in case of short production.  Secondly we will get the finished goods in our inventory and issue them to our outlet(s) in batches or sell these items to our external customers.
This procedure will give us control firstly at bulk store then at production and the Point Of Sale portion of the software will give us the control at the retail level.