Multi Store Environment

In multi store enterprise environment one head office (Data Center) and warehouse modules are added. All Outlets are connected with the Head Office. Warehouse is connected on LAN where as shops are connected through VPN. Head office sends and receives data electronically including Items, Vouchers, Sales Data, Categories and Customers etc.
Each shop and head office is able to check the stock of any certain product from any shop and all shops online. This is an optional facility available on request.
New items will be created at the warehouse level. Purchases will be entered at warehouse level from suppliers; even barcodes will be generated there as well. Now the stocks will be issued to different outlets accordingly. These transfer vouchers will be converted into Outlet receipts automatically and reached at head office automatically. Now the shops will be intimated automatically for the new receipts.
New items and categories will reach at outlet electronically. Now the stocks will reach at shops physically. It is ready to sale because it is already bar-coded and keyed in into the system.
At the end of the day or any other time during the day system will automatically sends the sales data to the head office. Without sending complete data to the head office system will not allow completing the day end procedure. 
If there is any return from the shop to the warehouse, shop will create the return voucher and it will automatically sent to the head office.
These transactions will be done on a secure VPN network between head office and the shops.
These transactions will generate inventory at the shop level and head office level for each shop individually and consolidated.