Special Features for Multi Store Environment

  1. Secure VPN
  2. Single Store & Combined Inventory
  3. Different Length Barcode From 1 to 13 Character Alphanumeric
  4. Centralized Database Data Entry Management – Although Each Mart Will Have Their Own Database Too
  5. Easy To Learn Interface and Functionality, Only Knowledge Of Business Required For The User
  6. Automatic Reorder Level Generation At Mart Level
  7. Automatic Generation Of P/O From Mart For Central Warehouse
  8. Price Variation From Head Office / Central Distribution Center
  9. Each Store Can Have Different Price Structure
  10. Head Office, Warehouse, Branch & Franchise Management
  11. Central Barcode Generation
  12. Electronic Transfer Of Vouchers From Head Office
  13. Automatic Sales Transfer From Mart To Head Office
  14. Customer Loyalty Management From Head Office
    1. Different Discount Slots
    2. Points Management
    3. Customer Discount
  15. Sale And Sale Return In Same Invoice At POS Level
  16. Instantaneous Stock Taking At Mart & Warehouse Level For Pilferage Control
  17. Stock Taking Semi Automatic As Well As Through PDT
  18.  User Access Control & Security Management
  19. Comprehensive Reporting Module At Head Office Level and Mart Level
  20. Web Reports
  21. Product Search On Different Criteria
    1. By Any Part Of String
    2. By Item code or Any Part Of Barcode
    3. By Category
    4. By Supplier
    5. By Brand Or Manufacturer
    6. By Combination of Category, Supplier, Brand, Subcategory etc.
  22. Supplier Management at Head Office Level & Mart Level
  23. Single Click Data Transfer From Head Office To Mart and Mart To Head Office
  24. Point Of Sale Terminals
    1. Only Temporary Close – Non Payment Terminals
    2. Temporary Close and Payment On Same Terminal
  25. Different Mode Of Payments
  26. Clear – Easy To Understand – POS Invoice
  27. Up to 999 POS terminals supported
  28. General Ledger System For Head Office
  29. Built in Messenger On VPN