General Ledger System

Accounting module provides an invaluable integration into Accountancy packages. The integration eliminates tedious manual entry and data translation by taking your business transactions (sales, purchases, credit sale, cost of goods sold etc) and posting directly to pre-define accounts. Significant increases in efficiency and the accuracy of the accounts can be gained by utilizing this proven technique.
The integration simply and seamlessly handles the combination of many complex processes. As well as handle core POS transactions; iPOS acts as an information hub between your accountancy package and add-on module.
GLS is the system of recording, verifying, and reporting of the value of assets, liabilities, income, and expenses in the books of account. Accounting is a system that provides quantitative information about finances.

  1. Integrated With Inventory Control System (Optional)
  2. Cash Receipt Voucher
  3. Bank Receipt Voucher
  4. Cash Payment Voucher
  5. Bank Payment Voucher
  6. Journal Voucher
  7. Define Balance Sheet
  8. Send CGS
  9. Voucher Listing
  10. Accounts Receivable
  11. Accounts Payable
  12. General Ledger
  13. Drill Down From Ledger to view the voucher
  14. Trial Balance
  15. Voucher Listing
  16. Profit & Loss
  17. Balance Sheet