Recipe Management System

iPOS has a very exiting feature for the restaurants, fast foods and bakers. This features can help the owners / managers to track the inventory of kitchens at some extant. We say extant because there are some items which you can track completely but there are some items which are not fixed and some have unpredictable wastage.
Chicken, Beef, Mutton, fish and those items which we receive in numbers and consume in numbers can be tacked accurately. But there are many items like spices, oil, fruit and vegetables which are not fixed in terms of consumption. Fruits and vegetables are those items which have unpredictable wastage as well. In spite of these facts we should try to keep the track of average use of ingredients, iPOS allows the users to define two different kinds of items.
Menu items are the first kind of items which we define in our menu and customers choose from these items. The other kind is the recipe / ingredients which we define in master items list. These items are used to prepare the menu items. So we can define a relationship between menu and recipe items. This relation gives us the opportunity to track the consumption of ingredients.
We purchase recipe / ingredient items and sale menu items. The sale of menu items automatically makes consumption of ingredients. The purchase of ingredients and consumption makes the inventory. On the other hand we also monitor the wastage of fruits and vegetables to keep the books quantity close to the actual inventory.